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Reviews by Patients and Clients

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We do our best to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our patient’s well-being and health is the primary focus. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healing journey. Your comments and suggestions help us to “fine-tune” and bring awareness to how we can better serve you as partners in health!

Naturally Yours, The Staff of RHC.

“Late last year I was in an automobile accident with a friend and it left me with pains in the neck, shoulder, and numbing on my hand. I tried a couple places including a local clinic that specialized in physical therapy but they didn’t relieve the pain. I found Katelyn on Google and instantly had an interest in trying her services out. I was not let down and my expectations were met. Within a month I had feeling back in my arm and within two months I was feeling much better. Katelyn Decker, Acupuncturist, did an amazing job in helping me through this process. Getting poked with needles seemed like a painful, scary idea but Katelyn made the entire process easy and painless. After two months with her I noticed my pains had resided and weren’t as frequent. Now I can say that I am fully recovered leaving this experience with better understanding of alternative methods for injuries and of course, feeling great.”- Rodrigo


“Katelyn is an excellent provider and I had a great pregnancy thanks to her acupuncture treatments! She is personable & knowlegable, and she creates a warm, safe, comfortable environment. I highly recommend acupuncture from Katelyn to treat your ailments or just for relaxation and peace of mind.” –Wendy


“Katelyn was outstanding. She was thorough, professional and extremely helpful both in her practice and overall health advice. I would highly recommend her.”-Erica


“As a complete needle wimp, I was very skeptical about going to see an acupuncturist.  But after hearing from highly respected Western medical specialists in a seminar on peri-menopause that acupuncture is emerging as a real resource to control and even prevent hot flashes, I was desperate enough to end these not-so-pleasant “personal tropical vacations” to give acupuncture a go.

Katelyn was so patient and helpful with me on my inaugural session, making sure I understood what was going to happen, taking time to really assess my situation and even checking in during the treatment to assure I was still OK.

OK? I was great! I hardly felt anything — except really good afterwards. So much so that I signed up for another appointment the next week. Several months later, I am still seeing Katelyn. And the only “tropical vacations” I take now would actually require me to board a plane! I have NOT had a hot flash in several months!

Not only that, but Katelyn has helped me with some knee pain from a recent injury, and my allergy season was so much better this year than in many years past. With everybody sniffling and sneezing around me, I am pretty sure Katelyn’s efforts on my allergy symptoms were successful, too.

If Katelyn can take this hot-flashing needle wimp to the much healthier, happier (and cooler!) woman I am today, just think what she can do for you! I highly recommend her.” – Lisa


“I can also vouch for her – got several treatments, always top notch.”  Christian


“Katelyn is a great acupuncturist, highly skilled (LOTS of training) and very laid back. Whether you are going in for a specific problem or just to relax, I would HIGHLY recommend her!”—Jenny


“I had the worst back pain ever, probably from stress at work and too, too much computer! I saw Katelyn Decker, who performed acupuncture and cupping, and gave me special Chinese herbs. Not only was I able to go back to work the next day, but I did so without requiring a single painkiller. Thanks!”—Adam


“Everything is in bloom and I was preparing for utter doom. Allergies came early this year & I really didn’t want to succumb to Claritin, again. So, I made an appointment at Antara, with Katelyn Decker L.Ac. Katelyn was wonderful! I explained what my symptoms were (scratchy throat & itchy eyes), she read my pulses & went to town. The tiny tiny needles did not hurt at all. In fact, I felt completely relaxed, with a slight euphoric feeling. She sent me home with a bottle of commonly used (in the natural world) chinese herbs. The acupuncture was practically an instant remedy & the dose of herbs that she prescribed seem to be keeping the sniffles away, Hooray! I can go outside & ENJOY the beautiful cherry blossoms. Thank you Antara & Katelyn, Bravo!” —Shana


“I’ve been receiving acupuncture as treatment for clinical anxiety and depression for around 7 years now. Katelyn was able to see me quickly after calling to schedule. She listened carefully to my troubles. Her combination of needling and herbs cured my insomnia and fixed my emotional meltdown. I had been seeing the same acupuncturist for years but because of Katelyn’s wonderful treatment I will go back to her for sure!”—Annie


“Katelyn is amazing!  I recently had a few treatments from Katelyn and have enjoyed them very much, but the one I got today topped anything I’ve ever experienced. It was one of the best treatments I’ve ever had. She is so easy to communicate with and has great intuition and talent. Antara is a great place to get a treatment, the atmosphere is very welcoming and calming. I will definitely getting more treatments from her.”—Grace


I have come to the Center for different treatments for pain management and cancer support. I always enjoy coming in and am warmly greeted by the staff. I come on a weekly basis for IV nutritional therapy which helps support my immune system and notice my energy has greatly improved since ending chemotherapy treatments. I have been cancer free for 4 years now and feel Dr. Squellati has helped and motivated me to continue to improve in areas of diet and lifestyle choices. Dr. Squellati treats cancer as one of her specialties and like that she works together with my oncologist to keep me healthy.


I went to A Renaissance for an acupuncture treatment. What first struck me when I walked through the door was the great job they had done on the facility. The aromas and the sound of the waterfall were all very relaxing. The staff was friendly and helpful. During a short tour of the center, I saw what a complete array of natural medicine was available. My own treatment with the acupuncturist was incredible. She put me at ease by discussing my treatment as she took my history. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that being needled didn’t hurt as I had anticipated. I went in for treatment on a chronically sore shoulder injured previously.


I just wanted to comment on the Naturopathic doctor, Ana Squellati. I came in for a women’s exam today. It was the 1st one in 5 years. I was very anxious. It was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend this facility to women of all ages. Dr. Squellati is compassionate and gentle. Pros: beautiful office, very clean.


Indulge yourself with the total spa experience: We had a great time at this day spa. They started our day with delicious pastries, cookies, fruit and cheeses along with herbal tea, coffee and sparkling cider. What a treat! Then a relaxing facial followed by a long relaxing massage ending with a seaweed scrub and special shower Pampered at every turn — What a treat!! Almost feel guilty!! We had cancelled reservations at a Dosha day spa – great decision!!! Thank you so much!


Best little Spa ever. If you’re looking for a Unique, Holistic Spa experience, this one is it. Very relaxing atmosphere with a fun and friendly staff. I especially love the fact that they use Organic products. I highly recommend it.